Ebook Review

Jim Edwards and Joe Vitale who are both well known in the Internet online market composed this eBook. The 2004 variation of this book is 206 pages long though it must be discussed that less than 100 pages are concentrated on the theme of the eBook whereas the rest of the eBook involves interviews with different successful eBook authors (in the eyes of Edwards and Vitale) and benefit reports.
I think that Edwards and Vitale were incorrect to follow this approach because when one attempts to overkill with respect to details, the outcome is opposite to the one planned considering that the reader may be confused a lot more and in my opinion the eBook would have been more efficient if it was much shorter and did not include the interviews with these authors whose methods were various. Maybe Vitale and Edwards should have offered the interviews by the eBook professionals as a different eBook.
The 7-day eBook was composed in an unconventional style because it was written in a “chatty” style instead of in an official way. To be reasonable to the authors this did assist in maintaining the interest of the reader. (Site : Dwin)
The content of the eBook included some very beneficial aspects such as:
Comparing a successful and failure formula for an eBook
Tips for selecting a subject for an eBook.
The best ways to write the eBook in 7 days– though I think this target may be ambitious in practice the method discussed by the authors deserves considering.
Various tips on how to publish the eBook.
The price of the eBook is in my viewpoint sensible worth considering the money that can be saved by reading this eBook and the important links that can be acquired from the eBook. I felt at times that the authors over elaborated and might have been more succinct in their writing.
General I think that a purchase of the eBook for a rate under $30 deserves purchasing regardless of its constraints.

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